Junior and A. Paranaense seek to take advantage of the first day of the Copa Sudamericana

Younger of barranywilla Will receive a strengthened Wednesday Atlético Paranaense In the first leg of the last of these South American Cup In the metropolitan stadium "Roberto Melendez", Colombian and Brazilian will try to test the first blow in an unprecedented final in which the two teams They will look to lift your first continental trophy.

The Caribbean team comes down The match due to the injuries from the Center Wila Ditta and Midfielder Leonardo Pico, who will not be in one of the two matches, and Expulsions of Gutierrez And the lateral Gabriel Fuentes In the semifinals race against Independent Santa Fe.

However, Colombian-Uuguanoan Coach Julio Comesañaaita was the return of his goalkeeper and captain, Uruguayan Sebastian Vieira, who missed the previous match due to injury.

Comesa, who in 70 years has directed the "shark" team in eight opportunities in which he won a league title and another in the Cape Colombia, must recompose his attack to replace GOOD RESERVATION, a fundamental part of The offensive trizrant that completes the creative jaron barrera and striker Lewis Diaz.

Therefore, the probable Elf with which the Rojancljana of Barjancvjilla will take advantage of Sebastián Viera; Marlon Piedrahita, Jefferson Gomes, Raphael Perez, German Gutierrez; Víctor Cantillo, Luis Narváez, James Sánchez, Jarlan Barrera; Yoni Gonzalez and Luis Diaz.

On the other hand, Atlety Paranaense comes without loss or sanctions, And it is expected that the Brazilian, led by the veteran Argentine midfielder Lucho González, will come out with The same stellar team that won the Maracana to Fluminance In semifinals with players as forward Marcelo Sirino and offensive midfielder Nikon.

Court Niagara, who accepted the position as Interim last June as a replacement for Fernando Dinas, will try to take the combinations of experience he has with values ​​such as Gonzalez or lateral Jonathan, with youth, from footballer like Renan Lodi. And midfielder Bruno Guararaes, to hurt younger.

The Teutonic Team of the "Hurricane" will have Santos; Jonathan, Paulo André, Léo Pereira, Renan Lodi; Bruno Guimarães, Lucho González; Nicoo, Raphael Weigara, Marcelo Sirino, and Pablo.

All the action of the meeting, scheduled for this 9:45 p.m. (00:45 GMT) This Wednesday, you can follow it with these Virtual bookmark of AlAireLibre.cl.

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