Johnny Herrrera asked his inhale in the U: We are talking, let's see what happens

The goalkeeper University of Chile Johnny Herrrera He said that his stay at the club is not yet assured and that he will see it once he returns from vacation.

"We are talking, let's see what happens ", Said this Monday at the exit of the Centro Deportivo Azul.

"My intention at this moment is to go on vacation, some time ago I did not have long vehicles and I want to enjoy my family, take advantage of my bus more than anything else. Then the future will be seen, " Complemented by Mr Hermes.

Then he clarified that "almost no one is in the club, I know that the teacher – Frank Kudlka – is with everyone who wants to have a good year and hopefully it will be for all the people who are fans of the club and God wants to be a champion The club had everything to be a champion, before I was a fan. "

On the other hand he talked about the back row Gonzalo Jara, Who told the officials of the CDA: "Gonzalo was a great partner, a great contribution, besides he suddenly did not have good games … I think the criticism is often a little unexpected," he said. .

"They say – practically all the goals they have been to us are their fault and that is not always the case." Sometimes we wanted to ask Gonzalo to be an Elias Fifeueroa, then it was not that or he tried to follow " .

"He was a professional until the last day, He was always with us, without coming playing or even saying, He showed it against San Luis, it was a huge deal, though it was true he did not have a good match, like every soccer player. In the dressing room he always has a donation, and he is always 10 points to the institution and the technicians who are there. "

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