John Outright has 72 hours to leave chili after folding his condemnation for sexual abuse


This Monday the Irish priest John O'Reilly He will fulfill Four years of cents From prison through Repeated sexual abuse against a minor, Student of Sommitz School, Where the Religious Serves as Chaplain.

The member of the Legionsaries of Christ, Who passed the time of his sentence with the benefit of probation, now He had 72 hours to leave Chile According to the decision eminent from the Ministry of the Interior In 2015.

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In May of 2017 the Supreme Court Refused the protection device submitted by its defense to avoid its expulsion from the country, so the priest should leave the state territory within the next few days.

To overthrow, too, because of his conviction for abuses, In 2015 the nationality is also returned by grace That he was granted in 2008 still remaining in the country since 1984.

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"His nationality by grace is revived on the occasion of the conviction, which is why there is no justification for him to remain in the country"He pointed José Ignacio Escobar, Attorney of the Religious Victims, who also insists that a witness of the case is pressured to change his testimony.

"At least in one case, we were informed that one of the eyewitnesses to the violation of one of the minors was contacted in the south of the country, and an economic proposal was made to change his statement", He said Cooperative radio.

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