It won't be much? The high sum that "Compadre Montcho" asked by repetition of "Los Venegas"


Adrian Castilou, better known as the "Compadre Montcho", was a tough fight against television production due to the recent "Los Venegas" program.

The actor told VTR channel "Viv" that he fought for about 6 years with the high command from the channel to pay a figure close to 200 million pesos.

But its high amount did not materialize and had to pay for 1/4 of what was requested, 50 million pesos.

"We had a very good relationship, for 22 years we have been in TV, 17 years of recordings all year, but the last 10 have been repeated. A live one arrived at TV and said: Why are we recording with these holes? Every year? Why do not record half a year and then repeat? Ask me when they paid me the rips ", Commented on the "late millennium" program of the mentioned channel.

Recall that the well-known series "The Venegas" is released 1989 to June 2011 National TV Chile.

Here you can see the moment:

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