“It will be the only big event of the summer”


While the municipality and the channels have been fighting over and over again for the Viña festival, which ended with a reasoning “no”, in Olmué they discreetly processed the tenders to conduct their contest in the middle of the pandemic and, when the best projects Show yourself in secret, Patagual is ready to give a historic show.

This can be confirmed by the toad of La Cuarta, who also has access to the names that are shuffled to give life to the two nights of the Huaso de Olmué festival, such as Denise Rosenthal, Princesa Alba, Illapu and Noche de Brujas. And the animation? It will be borne by Karen Doggenweiler who would repeat the plate.

Obviously, since sound comes first, the contest has to modify its format and it will be a completely live show by streaming. And beware, the contestants will compete with songs by Violeta Parra and Víctor Jara. Remarkable!

“A smartphone ticket will be sold at a bargain price so that all families have access, because there must also be an economic return in some way,” Jorge Jil, mayor of Olmué, told La Cuarta.

– Why did you decide to do this despite the restrictions?

Today it is the technology to do this, everything is available to get online, we will adapt to the pandemic, because we know that the industry is difficult and the festival is very important for the community, for all that folklore means.

– With the cancellation of Viña, Olmué takes on more prominence …

From what we see, this will be the only big event of the summer, so all eyes will be on how a show will be performed in the middle of the pandemic.

– They will be an example to follow.

This will mark a precedent that in the pandemic events can be held, artists can be hired and everything done life of pathogual. Although there will be no public, we will be able to bring the event to families.

– How do you see the evolution of this festival?

Many times it goes hand in hand with how an event is financed, and ours has been maintaining the essence of folklore, which we will not lose. We must always have a balance between being able to finance an event and being able to continue to develop it.

– It’s a big challenge …

Last year I had to live this festival with very little experience in the mayor’s office, it played just after the social outbreak, and it was also decided to do so. I wanted it to run smoothly all four days and we should say that it could be done. Today we want to repeat the same thing, to be able to say at the end of the day that it can be done in the middle of the pandemic, that we are able to move forward.

The fourth will also say present in Patagual

Although the pandemic was not an obstacle for the Olmueins to celebrate a new version of the summer contest and the staging will remain the same as in previous years, the municipality has to jump into the digital age and bring the Festival del Huaso De Olmue to streaming. .

Therefore, La Cuarta wanted to throw the house out the window and support national talents, so she joined as an official medium in the coverage of the event, which she hopes will be an example to follow for the rest of the festivals.

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