It was the winner between Nicolas Gavilan and Dagoberto Vergara in Pasapalabra


Nicolás Gavilán Was imposed earlier Dagoberto Vergara In the new chapter of Pasapalabra, in which they are confronted by a super accumulated rosco 80 million pesos.

The participants arrived in the final game with a minimum difference in time. The captain of Blue Team, Dagoberto Vergara He managed to get it 44 seconds And added to them 85 What gives Pasapalabra It was with 129 points Next to Katyna Huberman And Claudio Fariña, While the captain of the Orange teamNicolás Gavilán arrived at the Roscoe 50 seconds And started playing with 135, accompanied by Eva Gómez And Jordan.

However, this small difference of seconds is unnoticed in the result of the Rosko. Nicolás got 1 heat and 1 errorAnd instead Dagoberto achieved only 15 hits and won 3 red words. Therefore, it is the music student who will come to the next chapter to compete for 82 million pesos.

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