"It arrived and it is perfect": Kim Kardashian announces the birth of her fourth child with Kanye West | TV and show


Through her social networks, the American business women and television figure Kim Kardashian Announced the arrival of her fourth child, whom she conceived for a rental wife with her husband Kanye West

"It arrived and it's perfect", This is why the television star expressed itself in social networks, waving jubilation among his followers around the world.

According to the sources of the TMS gateway, the woman who lends her belly before the male's gesture went to work last Thursday night, which motivated the couple to go to the respective clinic.

Kima, who was present at the last MET Gala in New York, denied the urge that the baby was born a few days ago, adding that the delivery is close to falling.

"I just saw the news that our baby came, though That is not true! It was Monday at Met Gaal, I am in New York. I was at the hospital at the moment, "he explained in this place with laughter.

On the other hand, according to TMZ, the man in charge of revealing the information to the Kardashian family was Courtney, who contacted her maternal Chris Jr when she was filming a program with Ellen Generates.

The fact that Chris should interrupt his participation in the study also leaves the clinic.

The family announced that Cima and Cunie had been serving their fourth child on January 2, showing he would be arriving in the world in mid-2019 and would be a boy.

Although the baby has not yet been baptized by his parents, he will be quickly integrated into the family's little North, Saint and Chicago family.

In one of his recent works, Kardashian said: "It seems he was the twin of Chicago." I know that there will be a lot of time to change, but now it is identical with her when she was born. "

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