IPhone owners now take up to three years to replace their phones


The weakness of Chinese market discouraged iPhone salesA brand that has grown only 6% over the past two years. While on the Asian shelves today less iPhone is sold, the contraction of the Apple phone responds to a more global phenomenon than just the reduction of the Eastern market: users have prolonged the rate of telephone replacement, which happened in some cases less than A year to more than three.

According to a study by the consultancy cantarFor example, if in 2013 a Spaniard changed his telephone number on average every 16 months, by 2016 the figure was up to 20.5 months. In the US There, at the same time, a customer area of ​​changing their telephone averages every 20 months to almost 23 months, and in France, from 18.3 to 22.2.

According to the analyst Then, from the research firm Wedbush Securities, Cited by Dawn.com.s, Apple users now update their models every 33 months on average, more than the 24 or 25 months of three years ago.

As innovation in the smartphone market slows down, consumers are increasingly extending the lives of their mobile devices.

Analysts estimate that, as happened with these Computer marketWe've reached a peak where smart phone sales are starting to slow down.

The reason why no launch of a new device has to turn this inertia, even for proven models such as the iPhone.

In this increasingly slow turnover, users are exploring different alternatives, such as the so-called Open box phones (Models that his owner opened but not used and that sold again as new) or even to the so-called recommended models, An elegant way to sell used phones like new ones, But they keep their guarantee.

The call "Peek from the PC" It was devastating for all the companies involved, from HP to Toshiba, and even the largest companies at that time were not immune from the brutal pressure of investors, acquisitions and competition for declining sales, with users increasingly stretching the lives of your computers. .

With smartphones, the tip may seem different, but there will be a bloodbath when hardware companies are fighting for new business models, due to abandonment of sales.

"The smartphone industry is going through major headwinds," Eves said. "Smartphone manufacturers used to be like teenagers, and the industry was on fire. Now it seems that they are more than older people in terms of maturity"He added.

Apple finally discovered the ceiling of how much it can raise prices before consumers give up and extend the lives of their appliances.

The technological innovations in telephones have seen exponential growth at the beginning of the decade of 2010, With spectacular improvements in screen size and resolution, battery life, cameras and processor speed, an explosive path that reached its peak in 2014, with the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 plus. The increase in prices did not stop with this innovation, and today consumers seem to be noticing That equation is no longer balanced.

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