Injuries and banking make Alexis lose millions in Manchester

Before the new injury, no cation of Alexis Sanchez caused surprise among Manchester United fans. However, there is an economic background for the strange decision of Jose Murinhoo, because each game that Tokopillano does not start as a starter makes him lose a million.

When he signed, last January, the main reason to leave the city was Lucas. The almost 13 million dollars that the player and his representative to reach the signature, as published by the Prestigious Daily Mail.

The salary millionaire was another reason. Football leaks revealed the amounts that the Chilean received: a base salary from US It. $ 26 million, an annual bonus of US $ 26 million. It. $ 1.27 million for each of the five years of contract, It. $ 2.5 million if it combines 40 places between goals and assists, another US. It. $ 1.27 million if you win the Champions League and half of that figure if you win the Premier. That, in addition to $ 95,000 for each game as a starter.

Subsequently, this last background is the one that exploits "MOU" to "save" a little money to the club, still criticizing its poor performance.

Only in this period of 2018 -19, the "Wonder Child" stopped almost 1.25 million dollars, since he was the only starter in 7 of the 20 duels that the English team played: 14 of the Premier, 5 of Champions and another In the League Cup.

Above, he suffered a shame that would leave him for the rest of the year, according to Murinhoo. That is, another 665 thousand dollars less.

Change of scenery? That, precisely, is one of the arguments that the English tablets put on Sanchez on the market.

In an ideal scenario, "OS 7" can reach 35 million pounds per month, an amount that can attract fewer clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid or Juventus.

However, in the inside of the "Red Devils" they do not officially speak of a crisis between the player and the Manconnian club. This is how La Cuarta tells a member of the organization of the world's most millionaire cast, according to Forbes.

"It's true that Manchester United did not have a good sporting moment, but neither the coach nor the guys have proposed a change." Sanchez has a contract for more than four years and there are also no concrete offers for the player. Us, "they say close to the administration.

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