"I am an adopted son of the river"


River plate is defeated Boca Juniors 3-1 and become champion of the fourth Copa Libertadores. The match is played at the station in the famous Santiago Bernabou in Madrid. The Xenize is a bit of a bit Daro Benedetto, At 42 minutes from the first stage. Then I pack it Lucas Pratto, 22 minutes from the second part. In the extension, the team of Marcelo Gallardo managed to cover the goals Juan Fernando Quintero And Gonzalo Martnez. With this result, the Milo is classified directly to the World Cup club.

After receiving the title, the captain of the River Leonardo Ponzio spoke with the media: "I am very happy, We have many values ​​that make us survive in situations where you have a bottom line and you have to lift. The truth that We have a completely different way of seeing life and that this is a sport. There is always a bit bad in society, today we want to celebrate with our people and with the people of Argentina who are there. "

Then came the moment of thanks. "I want to thank my wife and my daughter. I have the chance to be with me and it's unique. To my parents. In all the people who, when the light goes out, join us in everything ", Expressed the owner of the tissue of the institution of Nez. .

As for his future football, since he was already a senior in which possible retirement is approaching (36), Ponzio explains: "The truth is that I'm looking for a day and I try to find a good level to respond in the best way. I am in a situation where River supports me, my talent and the coach for what he gives me and what I give him back. I'm going to put it in until my head tells me. "

Leonardo emerged from football at Newell's Old Boys in Rosario, where he played 90 matches between 2000 and 2004. In the Milo it has been in two stages, the first is between 2007 and 2008 and the second of 2012 to the present. "I am an adopted son of the riverI have already told it a long time ago. Ac I found a house that by results, by giving back, by sacrifices and by many situations that people lived in the club, people take Kario to one and I'm very grateful. Now we have to maintain the level, as we will demand more and more, "the player is finished.

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