HIV infections increased by 10% over the last two years


"Find out what I had HIV It's not a great surprise, but it still imposed me … Before, they told you that you did AIDS And there was a dead sentence. I was infected because of the one that was my stable partner for two years. He knew, but he never told me, despite the confidence we had supposedly. The speaker is Radride, 32-year-old lawyer, lawyer, who tells how his life has been changed since he found out about his contagion.

"One day ordering some documents, I came across a medical certificate and my life collapsed In Dispair, I went to the doctor's office, hoping I would not be infected … Two weeks went by and a good one came to My house, and she told me … At the moment I went black, I did not know what to do, more than cry … They made me the counterparts and gave me the result .. My mom was the first to find She thought I was going to die, but here I am 12y "Later," he says, calmly, as someone tells an ancient story.

Radrido explains that the process is very painful because he did not have the same time as now. "I was 20 years old, my life was just starting … but all right, not everything was so bad, my defenses were high and I was not in danger." In hospital hugueras they even told me that it It's not necessary to start my treatment. "

Unfortunately, I had a confidence and I heard about it this April, when I was unleashed AIDS. I had a terrible time, but thanks to the treatment and my faith in God, I was able to reverse the situation, and I was fine again. "Of course, this time it is clear that he will not have a second chance, And that again, leaving his medication at this time could kill him.

His case is one of thousands in the bio-bio region and according to the latest figures of the Ministry of Health, they are raising alarmingly.

In fact, according to the information published on the Cause of Compulsory Message ENO of the Ceremony de Salud, 2017 completed with 379 new cases of HIV / AIDS, A higher figure of 5.5% compared to 2016, equivalent to 359 cases.

Although an epidemiological situation was observed at wards, 2,258 of the 2,432 people living with the diagnosis of HIV Since 2010 to date, they are now receiving antiretroviral treatment.

In terms of progress to better face the explosive progress of the disease since September this year, more than 20,000 rapid tests have been implemented. HIV In all the Bio Bio Primary Care Centers: Concepción 5,920; Bío Bío 9.840; And Arauco 4,600.

The Bio Bio Health (s) Clinic, Tanya Vidal, explains that actions are taken that part of the National Plan announced by the Ministry of Health, which seeks to reduce the transmission of HIV Combined testing and prevention strategies in the context of social health conditions: Promote safe sex and prevention measures in adolescents and young people; Strengthening the care network HIV From the public system, improve the management of tests, drugs and monitoring supplies, among other objectives.

One of the family health centers pioneers in receiving and applying the first batch of rapid test of HIV Was the Cesfam Victor Manuel Fernandez, with 4,200 analyzes, whose white march began at the end of September of this year.

The important thing about the tests, which is ready for an average of 15 minutes, is that they are distributed to all patients who require it, regardless of their predictions and what part of the region they are coming to.

How it works

This involves extracting a capillary sample of the ring or middle finger, which is processed and results in a short time. If it is positive, a Venus template is taken directly (or the next business day according to the application plan), which is referred to the Institute of Public Health (ISP) for a new processing and evaluation of the result.

"For me, we have counted 111 people who have been tested, of which there is only one case," said the director of the Health Service Concepcion, Dr. Carlos Grant.

The analysis is applicable to people over 14 years old who can request it without the prior consent of their parents, but if the venous sample analyzed in ISP confirms the positive result, the health establishment has the duty to notify the legal representative Of the minor.

"Before the teenager who was in danger to go with one of his parents to take the test, today, no, can go alone to the cesfam, but in the event that it comes out positive should be told to parents," said the director of The SESFAM WMF, Dr. Ralph Miller.

According to the statistics of the Health Service Network ConceptScience, SCC during the first semester of 2018, 1,155 patients were in control. HIV, Concentrated most of the cases between the ages of 20 and 29 years ago, something wicicomic, along with the 96 new cases added, between the population of 20 and 24 years, concentrated mainly among the male population.

In this situation, the director of the SSC said that "to avoid the significant epidemiological increase, it is necessary to show that all the information campaigns and methods that allow us to prevent the contamination of HIV, Which grew by 10% compared with the previous year, which is a complex situation, not just for the region, but for the country. "

Greater education

In this sense, early education is important, especially in adolescents and young people, said the government ceremony, Francesca Parody.

"It is a concern for our government to both prevent and detect early disease in the youngest segments, since it runs the risk of infecting more people." In this sense, the use of condoms is essential to keep the increase in HIV In the population, "he said.

The authority added that it should raise awareness about the importance of prevention. "It is necessary to generate greater awareness with a campaign on the use of condoms in the different health centers of Bio Bio," said the full vision.

As of Feb. 1, 2019, health authority will have an important challenge: to control the correct storage of prophylactic sells, imported and manufactured in Chile, and sell in authorized places to stop the rise in the disease.

Regarding the responsibility of government and sexual education in educational establishments, Parody commented on "You can always improve in education, because it is never enough, you need to generate more awareness of effective campaigns than those that are already performing. Term work that includes intersectoral work, based on objectives determined by all sectors involved. "

In this sense the Education ceremony, Fernando Peña, Argued that "while the prevention table HIV AIDS Is conducted by the Mental And integrated into 20 more institutions, our task was to join the campaign throughout the year Prevention HIV AIDS, Through the incorporation of educative material relative to the problematic as pamphlets and triptych. This material is emancipated by these Ministry of Education And we as a region care to achieve the respective provinces and institutions present in them. "

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