History of the "Filtered Video" of Nicole Moreno Evidence of non-discernational pornography dissemination by the model


Nicole Moreno made a difficult confession in the program "The Night is Ours," explains that she is the one who has disclosed in social networks the sex video that her ex-partner with a woman appeared.

The model tells the panel that Did the action take place in "Revenge" And taking use that Rodrigo Rocco has slipping, to extract his phone, get the pictures and then make them known in his Instagram account.

Moreno's statements were made when there was an increase in cases of dissemination of intimate material without the consent of the Internet, and where it was "confusing, uncomplicated information that tends to blame the victims," ​​says Peoona, gender and member of the Group that carries out the project www.acoso.online., A platform to guide those who suffered the type of attack.

Romina Garrido, president of Fundación Datos Protegidos and member of "Acoso.Online", explains that there is still a long way to go: "That a person accepts the taking of a photograph or intimate video does not mean the consent of his dissemination. Unfortunately, the Chilean Penal Framework Pennchannel pornography does not allow the Internet only when the registration and dissemination is done without consent, leaving thousands of victims unprotected. In any case, we celebrate that in a civilian way, the victims are increasingly receiving reparations. "

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