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There was no significant evidence that this was the case Sweeteners Are more beneficial to health than these Sugar, According to a scientific review of research on the subject.

The study, commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO), indicates that Non-caloric sweeteners (Or low in calories) used as sugar substitutes do not make a significant difference in health except for a small weight loss.

The researchers analyzed 56 scientific studies on the relationship between compounds and different aspects of health, as the basis forExecute carry on unsweetened sweeteners Prepared by that.

In the study, the British medical journal published the authors "It is not enough evidence to definitively assess the benefits and, in particular, the possible long-term effects of unsweetened sweeteners."

However, Jerg Yapol from the Institute of Medicine at the University of Freiburg (Germany) says, and lead the author of the study, "We also do not have consistent certificates of significant negative incidents."

In this sense, researchers point out that unsweetened foods and water are the best substitutes for sugar.

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