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"He is more aware of Twitter than playing well"


The coach of O’Higgins de Rancagua, Marco Antonio Figueroa has had no significance to criticize the press for his poor results in the "province of Capo" In addition, he also spoke words to the model Daniel Chavez, whom he invited to join in the Salestinian monastery but with "clothes".

"There is a lady who says she is a fan of the club, who says that every time the team does not play anything. I would like to come here but dressed yesAnd show me what you know about football. But, like you, there are many who do not know what it is like on a soccer field and spend hours working, struggling with the weather. It's not easy to be a technical director, "said the ghost at the press conference on Tuesday.

The last note bothered the ex-girlfriend Playboy, which through its social networks has been downloaded with everything against the DT of the club.

"Referring to my tweets, Mr. Figueroa said he invited me to the complex (but to be dressed) to show them how much I know about football. It's a pity as it is expressed and what is more aware of Twitter than how to play well, "the model launched.

It was not, however, because Chavez ended up in a second message: “Sorry if I give my opinion of things. My opinion is that of many. The team does nothing It has a DT that hasn't won anything and makes news for search controversy. He is more aware of Twitter than Abumohor. ”

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