Guide and Tricks of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)


Next we offer you the Best Tricks for Super Smash Bros latest, The new installment of the series that comes to Nintendo Switch full of newies, fighters, scenarios and game modes.

After much waiting finally, we have one of the most important titles for the year in the form of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In Super Smash Bros Ultimate Not only is a yes to previous hibernation, but takes part in the functionality of Nintendo Switch to propose that is, possibly the most complete Smash Bros to date.

And a title of the characteristics requires great attention, and for this we are going to expose a series Tricks to win in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Along with many other tips that will allow you to be a legendary fighter, and that without leaving you absolutely nothing along the way.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide and Tricks

History mode: 72 fighters and a destination

Although there is a fighting game, there is a plot that will keep us glued to the console for many hours.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Now a new threat looms over the universe of Smash Bros, where Lumina, a strange winged entity surrounded by Lord Hands, appears defiant. During the confrontation all our heroes were captured, except Kirby who manages to escape in his forehead.

Poor Kirby finds a planet where all living beings are annihilated, and where there are only ruins and spirits floating around. Now your mission will be to awaken each of the heroes who are struck by lightning and who are now chained in a dream. Their bodies are now used to make cheap copies of themselves, and that can be very dangerous for our battles. Everything begins with Kirby in the liberation of the heroes to try to save the entire planet.

In our guide, we started telling you about 10 tricks and tips that you need to know before you start playing, so you will not be caught by the surprise of this tremendous Nintendo game full of content.

The greatest cast of fighters in history

In total, we will have 72 characters, of which 61 characters are known and we have 11 new ones. In our guide, we also tell you how to unlock all the characters quickly.

Among the new characters are Chuck, Ridley, Simon, King Key Role, Cinnamon, Incinerar, Rychet, Daisy, Chrom, Dark Samus and Ken.

This is the list of all the characters you can control in the game:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

More than 100 scenarios

In the new installment of Smash Bros, we will have more than 100 scenarios in which all our fighters will be able to understand practically the scenarios that were available in the previous iteration on Wii.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Each scenario has a Omega Mode and a Battlefield mode, so there are many more options. This is the list of scenarios:

Unpublished scenarios

  • (Splatoon) Moray Towers
  • (Super Mario Bros.) New Donk City Hall
  • (The Legend of Zelda) Great Plateau Tower
  • Castlevania Castle of Dracula

Sensory of Super Smash Bros 4 (Wii U)

  • (Animal Crossing) city and city
  • (Bayonetta) Umbra Clock Tower
  • Duck Hunt
  • (Final Fantasy VII)
  • (Fire Emblem) Coliseum
  • Flat Zone X
  • (Game & Wario) gamer
  • (Child Icarus) Palutena's Temple
  • (Kirby) the great coffee offensive
  • (Mario Kart 8) Mario cross
  • (Mega Man) Willy Castle
  • (Pack-man) pack-ground
  • (PicMin) Garden of Hope
  • Pilotwings
  • (Pokemon) Kalos Pokemon League
  • (Punch-Out !!) Boxing Ring
  • (Sonic) Windy Hill Zone
  • (Street Fighter) Suzaku Castle
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Mario Galaxy
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Mushroom Kingdom u
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Super Mario Maker
  • (The legend of Zelda) Skiloft
  • (Wii Fit) Wii Fit Studio
  • Wrecking crew
  • Wuhu Island
  • (Xenoblade) Gaura Plain

The sensors of Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS)

  • (Animal Crossing) Tortimer Island
  • Balloon action
  • (Earthbound) magic
  • (F-Zero) Mute City SNES
  • (Fire Emblem) Arena Ferox
  • (Child Icarus) Set Bomb Forest
  • (Kirby) Dream Land GB
  • (NintendoS) Salon
  • Paper Mario
  • Pictokath 2
  • (Pokemon) Prism Tower
  • (Pokemon) Unova (Pokemon) League
  • Streetpass Quest
  • (Super Mario Bros.) 3D Land
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Golden Plains
  • (The legend of Zelda) Gerudo Valley
  • (The Legend of Zelda) Spirit Train
  • Tomodachi life

Super Smash Bros Brain scenarios

  • (Hiking cross) smashville
  • (Donkey Kong) 75 m
  • (Earthbound) New Pork City
  • (Electroplacton) Hanenburg
  • (F-Zero) Port Town Arrow Dive
  • (Fire Emblem) Castle Siege
  • (Ice Climber) Summit
  • (Kid Icarus) Skyworld
  • (Kirby) Halberd
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • (Mario Cart) Figure -8 Cross
  • (Metal Gear Solid) Shadow Moshe Island
  • (Metroid) frigate orfeon
  • (Metroid) Norfair
  • (Picmin) Distant Planet
  • (Pokemon) Pokemon Stadium 2
  • (Pokemon) Spear Pillar
  • (Sonic) Green Hill Zone
  • (Star Fox) Lilac Cruise
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Delphino Plaza
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Mario Bros.
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Mushroom Kingdom
  • (The Legend of Zelda) Bridge of Eldin
  • (The Legend of Zelda) Pirate Ship
  • WarioWare, Inc.
  • (Yoshi) Yoshi's Island

Super smash brilliant melee scenarios

  • (Donkey Kong) Jungle Japes
  • (Donkey Kong) Congo Falls
  • (Earthbound) fourside
  • (Earthbound) onset
  • (F-Zero) Big Blue
  • (Kirby) Fountain of Dreams
  • (Kirby) Green Greens
  • (Metroid) Brinstar Depths
  • (Metroid) Brinstar
  • (Pokemon) Pokemon Stadium
  • (Star Fox) Corner
  • (Star Fox) Venom
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Mushroom Kingdom II
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Princess Peach's Castle
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Rainbow Cruise
  • (The legend of Zelda) great at
  • (The Legend of Zelda) Temple
  • (Yoshi) Yoshi's Island (Melee)
  • (Yoshi) Yoshi's Story

Sensor of Super Smash Bros 64

  • (Donkey Kong) Jungle Kong
  • (Kirby) Dream Land
  • (Pokemon) Saffron City
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Mushroom Kingdom
  • (Super Mario Bros.) Peach's Castle
  • (The Legend of Zelda) Hirule Castle
  • (Yoshi) Super Happy Tree

Game modes, variety for all tastes

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Adventure mode: a kind of modern story in which we tell you how to hit the latest bosses easily.
  • Normal combat: Here we simply choose the scenario and the rules, and we can start fighting in combats of up to eight players.
  • Troop Smash: allows us to create a team of three or five fighters and face our competitor in successive one-on-one matches.
  • Tournament: The tournaments, with up to 32 players, allow us to choose the number of participants that each of the rounds will have to exclude what is the best.
  • Special Smash: We can enjoy it in a company with a friend and face together all the fighters that exist. We can configure all kinds of combat actions.
  • Smash Arcade: Here we are enabled to choose a fighter as we face each other in successive battles where the difficulty will increase progressively, and this will earn us great rewards.
  • Training: Here we can measure our skills in many scenarios, specifically designed to drive each of your techniques.
  • Attack: The enemies will be revealed in constant waves and we will have to throw them away, and all with the grasp to try to survive as long as possible.
  • Challenges: We can get different challenges in different ways to get their valuable rewards.
  • Combat of Spirit: In different game modes it is possible to face characters with moods of others, which gives them special abilities. Here we tell you how to get all the battles with the primary mood.

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These are the Best tricks and tips to win in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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