Grupo Penta enters the auto loan business associated with Eduardo Elberg


A newer area is where Penta comes: the auto loan. The foregoing, consider that Penta financier entered Mundokridito, an automotive financing company controlled by Edardo Elberg by Grupo Algeciras.

To get the pair of Carlos Alberto Delano and Carlo Eugenio Lavín, Mundokridito made a capital increase, where Penta financier held 44% of the property and adhered to the control packed, the Algiersarch Group has been consulted on the new action leader of the company.

Until now, the subsidiary of empresses penta was focused on factoring, financial leasing, operational leasing, among others. But now it adds Mundokridito to its business fan, a company focused on financing the purchase of new or used vehicles destined for private or commercial use. The company has a network of 106 branches in the metropolitan area and regions.

Grupo Algeciras says "in the last two years, MundoCrédito has experienced growth of around 300% in the number of clients and 245% in total."

The general manager of the company Pedro Parraguez, who previously served as business manager of the Forum in Chile and general manager of the Forum of Peru, explains that "The last two years have been very successful but we are still a small player in this sector, with Important growth opportunities, therefore, the income of a partner who also has experience in the credit area, as well as Penta financier for us, is very important to start the new stage of expansion.

The Executive explained that, along with the new partner, Mundokridito will expand to include other businesses and products, develop new technologies to drive processes and expand its offerings, and will be dependent on existing activities.

The general manager of Penta Financiero, Rodrigo Sprohnle, noted that "This is a compelling activity for our businesses, which has shown very attractive growth rates and we have been looking for some interest. We believe Mundokridito is very good Managed, has great potential, and we hope to be a major contributor to its growth process ".

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