Greenpeace on alert for plastic "Tsunami" on the coasts of Chilean Patagonia

Shaking and overwhelming in this way Greenpeace described the current scenario of pollution that is experienced in the southernmost part of our country, specifically in the borough of Tierra del Fuego. According to the scale made by the NGO after a clean-up day in the sturdy, large amounts of plastic were found that would be achieved mainly from Punta Ariens.

Matias Asun, National Director of Greenpeace in Chile, described the situation as extreme concern. "We have found ourselves with a devastating scene when visiting the southernmost edge of the world, and there is no confirmation that there is no space on the Chilean coast that is free from the plastic flood that we are facing," said the manager.

During the cleaning day in porsenir, volunteers also made a cadastral of the elements that polluted the beach. The results are a very striking point: a large amount of waste has Chinese labeling, leaving say that plastics travel a long way through the oceans of the planet.

For his part, the mayor of Putinir, Marisol Andrade, and who participated in the day, said that the feeling is "worrying and disaster, it is urgent that the community becomes aware of the environment, especially our There are mostly corresponds to the arrival of Punta Arias. "

The organizers of the day highlighted the importance that companies that manufacture large quantities of plastics are responsible for the waste that generates such serious pollution. "We want to know who are using our sea as a dumping ground, and we have a research team that is analyzing what we have found on the beaches of porcine," says Asun.

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