Google has patented a new security method above Apple's Phase ID


Apparently, the competition in the safety methods of the manufacturers began to refuse the unblock of fingerprint, and began to focus on new technologies for the methods.

Today, apparently, the companies are Focusing on 3D facial unlocking, as we have seen in the new iPhone, the Mate 20 Pro, And the rest of the manufacturers who have started to opt for the type of security and use it for current phones. It has also been made public Today a new patent registered by Google for its next devices.

But apparently, as the patents reveal, it will not only be the use of security and unloading, but may also be used To find the lot of objects that include light detectors with respect to other objects.

To understand better, it is possible to have the ability to read the user's hand, with respect to another part of the body, recognizing each part as such from where the light enters, in order To detect gestures and execute done functions.

It is expected that this New technology debuts in mid-2019, and may be used in upcoming Google devices, Where it will also serve Detect the location of an object in an environment. So they can also include tracking the location of an unmanaged aviation.

Source: Patentia Apple
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