Google hangouts will cease to exist

Google does not waste when it comes to difficult decisions and changes are "stamping". After a few weeks ago, it was announced that its social network, Google+, and others of its iconic products, Google hangouts, "will lower the curtain" by 2020.

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It will be at 2020 that Google will eliminate the support for Google hangouts, its service chats for users of the company, and will perform a new strategy that will be distributors in two of the new applications: Hangouts chats and hangouts meet, Which exist in the suite of the brand since March 2017. Diana has been anticipating something in her # Reportersunoero this week.

According to a 9 th Google report, which was collected by various means, the decision was made, they explained by the wear and tear that Google hangouts had suffered since its development was out of date last year.

It's a reaction from Google

Scott Johnston, Google's Product Manager, used Twitter accounts to refer to the hanging on Google hangouts and called the report "Sham" and described the source of 9to5 Google "Savedly misinformed."

He also insisted that no decision was about hangouts and that the plan was not to close it, but to upgrade users to their hangouts chat applications (something like Google WhatsApp) and hangouts.

However, another report from the Influential The Way, confirmed the original version and recalls that Google has been launching the closure of your "messaging application" in April this year, when he announced a new tool for Rx Chat within Android articles.

Google hangouts was born in 2013 as the substitute of Gchat, although in recent years its updates have been featured by Mountain View.

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