Good fights will return with Celebrity Deathmatch

Good fights return with Celebrity DeathmatchFor the third time we will tell the most violent encounters between celebrities in the famous ring of the range MTV Thanks to an agreement between the Ice Cube and the Canal previously known for broadcast music videos.

The company Cube Vision Property of the rapper closed a deal with MTV Studios To produce again Celebrity Deathmatch, The series that was very successful at the end of the 20th century and a warm rebirth in 2006 that only lasted a few months. And despite the fact that the last time is not even the shadow of what we saw in 1998, the range of videos? Reality shows? Or what they upset now, is determined to return to life one of the shows that shows the most in the stage where music was the source of their programs.

Ice cube is already working VH1 In the program Hip Hop Squares So you are probably informed about the current production trend for the payment channels. In this regard, Celebrity Deathmatch It will be done as a weekly program but at the moment they still do not know if it will be distributed in an on demand service or in a premium channel. What they have in mind is that the show is painless enough to relocate the franchise with video games and all kinds of satellite products during 2019.

The president of MTV, Chris McCarthy, announced it this way:

"We are excited to strengthen our partnership with Ice Cube and Cube Vision To reimagine one of the favorite apps. Deathmatch It was the mother before the memes, it is still a hot topic for social media, and it will be an intelligent and fun way to take the higher rhetoric of the current pop culture where it hears: the quadrilateral. "

In his time, Celebrity Deathmatch It is very fun to be among their fighters very famous characters of politics, television, cinema and, of course, the music industry. But those were times without social networks where the only way to feel some contact with the characters was with traditional media, so Celebrity Deathmatch It was a way of bringing them closer to the public under the protective coat of black humor, something that is not necessary now, because public opinion is straightforward and immediately impacts anyone, no matter how famous or rich it can be.

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We will have to wait if they have some idea of ​​their sleeve to adapt to the new conditions. Until then we will see if we have good fights and good nights.

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