Gone are the Complex Days: Maximo Repaired In Zapallar With Cecilia Boloca | TV and shows


Many are surprised by the news that Maximo Momo Bolok has been diagnosed with a tumor brain, which must be operated on urgent. While at one point it is thought that it might be something really serious, in a matter of days, the 15-year-old recovered and could be discharged.

It should be remembered that the son of Carlos came to the emergency room due to severe headaches and vomiting, and after some examinations, it was determined that I had a tumor that should be removed. This news shocked the media, which quickly mobilized to know the health of the young man.

When two weeks ago he was seen walking from Las Candes Clinic, Máximo was resting with his family, and at least he was taking his life in a completely normal way. In fact, a few days ago he saw sharing articles on Instagram, Realizing that all his recovery went smoothly.

Now it's more visible, after they share some of the pictures that appear to be Sicily Boloca, with his partner, & # 39; Pepo & # 39; Daire, and his son. The three can be seen very quietly traveling to Zapallar with his dog.