Give the best technology products with Christmas Huawei [FOTOS]


There are only a few weeks for these Christmas And finding the perfect gift is a job that usually takes time. However, technology lovers have it easy. Today, the offer is wide and, in the sense, Huawei Offers spectacular products that meet the requirements of the most demanding users.

Next, we give you a selection of the best technological articles that, surely, will become the Gifts Preferred of all.

HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro

This revolutionary smartphone stands out for its powerful performance and features. It is the first in Latin America to have a fingerprint reader on the screen and has a powerful 4,200mAh battery that guarantees up to 2 days of average use. In addition, it has 3 major cameras developed in co-engineering with leica and enhanced with artificial intelligence that promise professional quality photographs, in any environment. Its price is $ 849,990.- And it's for sale in stores Huawei, As well as in major retail stores and mobile operators.

HUAWEI mat 20 liters

The HUAWEI mat 20 liters Is an innovative and effective smartphone that is characterized by its advanced specifications. It has a long life span of 3.750 mAh, which allows, among others, 107 hours of uninterrupted music playback. In addition, it integrates artificial intelligence into its 4 cameras (3 main and one front). The reference price of this equipment is $ 299,990.- And it's for sale in stores Huawei, Selected retail stores and major mobile operators.


Smartphone that revolutionized the industry by offering 3 major cameras that can achieve images with greater clarity, color and perfect focus (one of 40 megapixels, another 8 megapixels and monochrome). It recognizes more than 500 scenes in 19 different categories related to the Artificial Intelligence that has incorporated, among them, children, pets and landscapes. It has IP67 certification, which protects it from water in case of accident. This smartphone is available in stores Huawei, Operators and retail stores at a cost of $ 649,990.-


This innovative sports watch Huawei It stands out for its ability to satisfy 100% of the demands of urban explorers and provide them with an improved use experience. Highlight the battery life of up to two weeks. It can be used as an auxiliary product or as an extension of the smartphone. Its price is $ 169,990.- And it's for sale in stores Huawei, As well as in major retail stores.

Smart Scale

Digital weight, capable of measuring 8 aspects of the weight: The percentage of body fat and water, muscle mass, bone mineral content and protein content, visceral fat level, basal metabolic rate and body mass index IMC). All the data is captured by Bluetooth and can be shown by an app installed on the smartphone. This weight has a reference price From $ 29,990.- And it is available in stores Huawei And official store of Huawei at Mercado Libre.

Huawei AF15 tripod

This smartphone holder will allow you to easily see and get better pictures. Not only is it a tripod, but it can also be used as a self-stick with a maximum length of 66 cm. In addition, it has a bluetooth load, which allows you to remotely monitor the capture of images. This product is available in stores Huawei, In operators and in retail stores at a cost of $ 19,990.-

Volume 3 Pro

Smart Huawei smart volume, with built-in GPS and 0.95 "amoiled color screen, this is the perfect ally for athletes, since its low consumption GPS is used to travel long distances, but it tells you where you are and how far you come It also serves as a sleep monitoring tool, as it uses the six most common sleep problems and provides more than 200 potential solutions and suggestions that will help you to sleep better.This volume is available in stores Huawei And in the chef at a price $ 59,990.-

AM61 hearing aids

Enjoy your favorite music wirelessly with headphones Huawei. The technology of this product offers clean and high quality sound. Bluetooth technology allows easy connection with any device, smartphone, tablet or notebook. Its rechargeable battery offers up to 6 hours of music playback. Available in stores Huawei, Operators and retail stores a $ 29,990.-

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