Gendarmes start a hunger strike in the midst of unemployment


The views on the gendarme strikes that are now being met on the third day are radicalized, while negotiations between officials and government are still neutral. Today, after an assembly in the Santiago office, officials said, through the representative of the workers' front, Mariton Agurta, that due to "the dissatisfaction of the executive director and the constant threats, we decided to launch the entire hunger strike in the institute from today", Agurto said. to the remaining homes in prisons, if they do not receive a positive response to their demands.

In the meantime, the Executive Director of the Justice Department, Juan José Ossa, pointed out that discounts would apply to mobilized officials and that the opening of summaries had been resolved.

According to Osse, all the measures that we have to take in order to act not only by law, but by what was regulated by the supervising office in illegal strikes, will be adopted.
In addition, according to the work interrupted by the strike, the undecided said that "the government can not, of course, accept that it is a rule of law, especially as a criminal policy. The government can not allow the judicial power to be hindered by the measures of the force of any guild "

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The position of the prisoners in the metropolitan region is also sharper, so that the Public Prosecutor's Office today filed "various actions in favor of 56 defendants who are in pre-trial detention and 16 convicts who are imprisoned in the underground cells of the Santiago Justice Center" , as stated in a statement sent by the institution.

In addition, the company ensured that "the situation of prisoners has become unsustainable because it does not fulfill the minimum retention measures, such as natural light, family visits, food and health."

Mario Palma, the head of the Defense Ministry Office, said that "regional ambassadors have filed amparo with a request that a judge of the republic be set up in dependence on the Center for Justice in Santiago in order to verify the conditions of deprivation of liberty of at least 72 persons are in the said enclosure. " The fact that "these 72 people remain to this day in a place that does not meet all the conditions of imprisonment, which means that they suffer essential, basic and fundamental rights," concluded Palma.

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