Full eclipse: On Monday, "Superman" and "Moon of Blood" will be in full view


The Luna will be giving a triple show early Sunday to Monday In which will be the only whole Eclipse in America, until November 2021. Apart from the superposition, there will be a "Supermon" and "Moon of Blood".

The London, Earth and the sun will line up In the only full lunar eclipse of the year and beyond, an event that will be added The natural satellite will be closer to our planet And it will look a little bigger and broader than usual, a phenomenon known as "supermoon".

"Constant Eclipse is important because they make us look into the sky and remember that we are in a solar system which is the planets are dynamic," said Luis Chawarrı, physician in Astrophysics and Director of Astronomy at Consist, a Cooperative.

"The whole of Luna's occlusions occur every two or four years. Supermon is 10% larger than normalSo it's not that easy to appreciate. What a great novelty, since a full eclipse always includes a Blood Moon"He explains.

This "bloody" phenomenon is so called because the moon acquires a reddish hue since The terrestrial atmosphere filters all the components of the solar white light and the red light is the only one that comes To the satellite.


The Penumbra will begin on Sunday night at 23:36 Chilean timesWhen the Earth's shadow begins to touch the surface of the moon, then Eclipse will start at 0:33 Hours from the morning of Monday the 21st, the process begins to appreciate the "moon of blood".

The total eclipse Will start this 1:41 hours Monday and will be about 62 minutes; Your maximum point will be around 2:12. From that time on, it will last a few minutes.

"The best is See it with binoculars, Since unlike telescopes you can look with both eyes. The moon will be up in the sky and will go through several places, "Chawarria added.

Other Recommendations: If someone lives in an apartment with an eastern view, it is best to go out to the patio to appreciate it in all its glory. Moreover, it is always best to observe it in high areas and away from light pollution.

Upcoming astronomical events

The next astronomical event of 2019 in the world also includes Two sun eclipses: Full on July 2 that can be seen in the South Pacific, Argentina and Chile, and one on December 26 that will be seen in Asia and Australia, although it will be best seen in Southern Saudi Arabia, India, Sumatra, Borneo And Australia.

The calendar of Eclipses this year also includes a Partial eclipse of Luna July 16, which will be seen in South America, the Pacific, Europe and Africa, although it will be less spectacular than this weekend.

The following eclipse with the same characteristics as on Monday – a whole moon – will begin in November 2021

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