Frustrated Femicide and Subsequent Suicide Launched in La Araucanía | National


A frustrated febrile and subsequent suicide occurred In the city of Travolhue Belong to the Community of Karahue which is located in the coastal area of ​​the Araucanía area.

As reported Radio Bio bio de temco radioAt dawn on Saturday, a man moved to his ex-wife home to try to kill her with a knife and later took his own life.

When he was accused in the home of the victim – who was with his current partner, the aggressor used the knife to attack the woman in various parts of the body and also the other person who was in the room.

Subsequently, they were injured Family health center of Travolhue To get medical help.

Parallel and being informed of the situation, Karabinineros initiated the procedure to find the perpetrators of the perpetrator Moving to his father's houseWhere they found him dead.

The background of what happened was sent to them Local lawyer at KarahueWho ordered the investigative proceedings of the frustrated femidism and subsequent suicide.

The chief prosecutor of the Public Ministry at the Karahue, Magna Gomez, confirmed the information in conversation with La Radio.

Meanwhile, the injured woman Remain hospitalized at Hospital of Karahue, While his partner was transferred to Temuko Regional Hospital.

Violence against women

If you are a victim or witness of violence against women, then this 149 from Carabinersos Or receive guidance in these 800 104 008 of the segregation

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