Forward "Forward" Chairman Reitich, as the president of CAP and Razmuss goes out into the board


It was agreed to nominate the vice president of the entity, Rodolfo Kraus, as the new president of the steel company.

With surprising movements the market avocation on Monday. And that CAP is informed by the Commission for the Financial Markets (CMF) that its president, Fernando Reychik, offers office after submitting the resignation to the position he took in April 2017 when he left the general management.

The company said that at the board meeting last Friday it was agreed that Rodolfo Kraus, who was vice president of the steel company, will be his position. With the appointment of Cruz as President, the vice-presidency of the company was for Jorge Salvatierra.

But it was not the only thing that is digging the day, because the leader of the leader in this guide will be resident by Van Enrique Rassmus, one of the largest shareholders of the company.

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