For the first time they give the Golden Ball a soccer player and the question of getting a prize is: "Do you know how to dance?"

A French DJ apologized on Monday for asking the first woman to win the Golden Ball if she did "twoving".

Norwegian footballer Ada Hegerberg has denied being offended by this problem by French DJ Martin Solveig during the award ceremony. But after the critique that broke on social networks, Solveig decided to use Twitter to apologize.

"I did not know that this could be the kind of offense," Solved tweeted. "It was a joke, probably bad."

A video taken at the ceremony shows the DJ when he asks Hagerberg, 23, if he can dance "tasting", a dance that many consider sexually explicit.

"No," the footballer said in French. The video is seen quickly by millions of people.

Hagerberg said that Solveig also apologized, personally.

"I was not upset," said the athlete but.

Alegre, Hagerberg commented "I could dance a little, and I won the Golden Ball."

France's Football Magazine was awarded the Golden Ball since 1956, and this year created a prize for the women's branch.

Heckerberg won the League League three times with Lion. The previous season, it set a 15-point record of the contest.

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