Externalists issue a statement and warn about new actions


"War on Civilization and Human Progress". Which is one of the foundations of eco-terrorist groups, and that they are keeping the authorities in search of members of the self-styled "Individuals Tending to the Wild Chile", suspected of placing an explosive device in a whisker. From Vikuana McKenna, leaving five injured.

This Friday, the group that was announced on January 13, 2017, for the attack on the former president of Kodelko Ó Mark Landreteche, upgraded his statement explaining how he put this together in detention at Vikanana Makinena, noting "we are Going to the point, we take the absolute responsibility for the obligations of our explosive gift at a location of the Transantantiago in the heart of the capital, our over-pump is of a craftsmanship. Remember that the Napple with which we want to deplete the fingers of the miner in 2017, is the same one filled with 100 grams of black powder whose activation is generated by pulling a cardboard.

In addition, in this text, he warns about new actions: "We have been far away, hidden and preparing the next, we have more ship and more. Our little artifacts have caused huge terror and have a great media impact. An experience for those who want disaster; little is done. "

The assembled organization received a series of previous attacks on Transantiago Bus, including at least two incendiary bombs.

Chaos of the earth

Ecotourist groups are present in some countries of the world, and this demonstrates their prevention of civilization and all technological advances that affect nature and the environment.

They are suffering from humanity critic as such and justifying explosive attacks, assassinations and disasters, in response to human extermination.

They even celebrate the natural catastrophe that generates a large number of wounded and deceased, from the perspective that it would be a natural response to the "attempt to rule" humans on earth.

Gonzalo Yuseff, the lawyer and former director of the National Intelligence Agency (ANI), found that these groups had a diffuser organization with striking names and structures according to operational requirements. That is, they communicate with each other many times without identifying themselves and with different people.

Bus burns, explosive attacks against university faculty of a scientific nature and any institution that has to do with technological advancement are targets for exterminators.

Yuseff says that "they tend to reject modernity, despite occupying digital platforms to communicate. They have a semi-deliberate discourse in favor of fire as an element that may indicate chaos, and react in their favor."

"Individual Tendering to the Wild" of Chile published on a web page does not have an explosive attack that occurs in other territories of the world, mainly from Brazil and Mexico.
They are not naive and are fully aware of the security cameras that exist around the streets of cities and other security measures to maintain order. "In this we have been years and we know to be as careful as the cougar, hidden to jump to the blow", they pointed out from their Web the past, the past 1 of January.

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