Experts analyze what happens emotionally with Alexis Sanchez | Sports

Alexis Sanchez He goes through one of the worst ones in his career, and not only for being injured and not starting a Manchester United, If not emotionally so. It is at least the feeling it's in England and in its own country.

The forward Again he came to Chile trying to go unnoticed, But in the same way it was known that he came to recover from the tear he suffers in the humping of his right leg, which will stop him for a considerable time of the field. Though do you need to be cured something else?

A report from "The Independent" insures that "Alexis is emotionally helpless and physically incapacitated"Where the same thing seems to be the break with the actress Mayte Rodríguez He still has it very much affected. "After a long-term relationship ended, Now he finds himself alone in a gigantic house, with his dogs and rain. Soon Quartz just says he looks extremely unhappy. "

For his part, the psychologist Sergio Schilling, Noted that when the battering ram came to the country in September, "he was in a trial of protest for his break, with anger, evil, overcated, responding badly and wanting to forget everything in a way". And now? "The resignation comes, because now it is assumed that everything has died. You will go through the Endedonia. That is, when you realize that it is not going back"He said lun.

In this line, Rodrigo Cauas, A psychologist specialized in sports, told the national media that "Alexis's case escapes the norm. It's always lonely. He is different from the usual player. The issue goes by significant wear on the football level. Alexis loves what she does and when she can not do it is a difficulty. I get the feeling that his football fall before his love break. That is a point to analyze. You have to understand that you have been in high competition for many years and that if you do not rest well. I think this time of forced inactivity will do you well. "

Finally, the Fox Sports Commentator, Rodrigo Goldberg, Also analyzed the presentation of the Tokopillano. "It may be emotionally complicated. Clearly, Alexis is wrong. But the topic is another. Who can tell Sanchez what is wrong? His environment brings him the faith in everything. Who will stop the car today? None I think nobody, Not even Mourinho himself is capable to say that he is writing to you. I hope you understand and solve their football and love issues, "he said.

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