Expert is going to show how to hack Apple's Phase ID and its bosses forbade it


Learn something, money.

When Apple introduced Your first iPhone X One of the most promising sales points is its advanced facial recognition system. But apparently Hack Fuck ID It would be much simpler than it seems. But it seems that we will never know how to do it.

It's a rare story and a lot of fertile ground for intrigues between big corporations. But the plot goes more or less.

According to reports Reuters, Vish Wu, a Chinese security research expert, is going to give a talk; Titled Bypass Strong Phase ID: Everyone can sanctify detection and IR Camera and Algorithms (Burly Phase ID: Anyone can cheat the camera and IR algorithms).

Brands that use Android will take two years to reach the Apple Face ID

His talk, scheduled to take place in March 2019 at Black Hat Asia Conference 2019. He's going to show us how to hack people's IDs on an iPhone X. But he ended up canceling it just a few hours ago. Because the company he worked for stopped him.

Ant Financial asked where not to speak; Because they have an electronic payment system, Alipay, Which uses just phase ID as a security measure.

The expert would have been on his Twitter account to talk about the subject. Clarifying that You can only hack face ID on an iPhone X, Under certain conditions.

But his method does not work on the iPhone XS, or XS Max. So it is better to cancel everything to "guarantee the credibility and maturity of the results of the investigation".

How do you interpret it?

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