Evoting comes out in the face of criticism for a failed election in the UDI: "We can not say if it was sabotage or not"

After the failure of the independent Democratic Union, a wave of theories and accusations were heard by the headquarters located in Providenta. The President of the Congo, Jacqueline Van Rosserberhe, even filed a complaint for sabotage, slipping the possibility of a cyber attack on the evoting campaign in charge of digital election.

During this day, the businessman of the company, Mario Novoa, said that "what we have found is a series of intermittances in the voting process, which means that some voters when they go to vote can not do so. And by the voters who have been removed from the vowels, it was decided to suspend, "he said in a conversation with 24 hours.

The same representative of the brand added that "at no time was the voting compromised, we received more than 1,000 votes until the moment of the suspension and none of the votes was affected, the secret of the trial was not affected. That has affected the votes, "he said.

This morning, the UDI President Senator Jacqueline Van Rasseberg, said that "we want to investigate, it was assumed that the guarantors were here, the information that the company gave was that they tried that they were A victim of a cyber attack, this is serious, "said the party president.

Talking about the Senator log, Novoaa assured that it shares "the idea of ​​being able to investigate this (…) we can not comment if it was sabotage or not."

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