Dollar Today in Chile Today – Diario Financiero

In the close of the interbank operations, the exchange rate operates at $ 667.6, which is a case of $ 1.4 compared to yesterday's close.

Once again, the decline in the dollar in Chile fell due to the drop in the global North American currency.

In the close of interbank transactions, the exchange rate was $ 667.6, which is a case of $ 1.4 compared to yesterday's close.

The environment remains favorable today for emerging currencies, after the United States and China announced a break in the trade war, which is waking havoc on stock markets, commodities and currencies over 2018.

At the moment, the international price drops the falls registered yesterday, with a decrease of 0.21% in the dollar index, which contrasts the reference currency with a basket of international currencies, although the emerging currencies show mixed results at the moment.

The same happens with the Latin American currencies, which are divided between the advances, led by the Brazilian real, and the falls, led by the Argentine Peso.

After several days in which the movement of the exchange rate is motivated by external factors, today the price of the peso may have a local influence. And today the central bank's board will decide what to do with the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR).

Although the main thesis in the market is that the reference rates will remain stable, signs of a more restrictive bias may give a boost to the national currency, putting pressure on the dollar to the downside.

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