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The first day of the month for the dollar in Chile ended with the exchange rate dropping $ 3.8, so it was $ 669.

The effects of the trade truce were agreed by the US presidents. It. And China on Saturday after the G20 top in Argentina already have a direct effect on Chile. And the optimism generated by the news in investors motivates the emerging market currencies.

The first day of the month for the dollar in Chile ended With the exchange rate dropping $ 3.8, so it's $ 669.

Of course, at the beginning of the day, the value of the North American currency in the local interbank market reached $ 664.1.

The movement is also supported by the strong rebound of more than 2% experienced in this time of copper futures. While the market's bigger optimism leads to the dollar at the global level, there is a decline of 0.17% against a basket of the largest currencies in the world.

After participating in the summit that gathered the top leaders of the world's powers over the weekend, Donald Trump and Shi Jimping were together with their teams. At the meeting, both presidents agreed to put a leg for three months to the escalation of the trade war.

The news is celebrated by the markets, with the stock exchanges from Europe and Asia beginning this week with significant increases that in some cases attracts 3%.

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