Director of the UK discarded Gustavo Boo


In San Carlos the Apokwinda asked for the "panther", but the attacker did not fit the crusader's budget.

Next Monday, the precison will start Catholic University. This Friday, the new technology is introduced Gustavo Quinteros And so far, the club has sealed the corner of Cornéjo and Valber Houbert.

The crucifixes seek to continue strengthening in the face of the challenges of 2019. The UK aims to put a striker and someone interested in San Carlos de Apokwinda was Gustavo Bou.

The leader of the presidency asked for the striker, but the "panther" did not fit the budget. Bow, who just dealt with Racing Club, earned 1.5 million dollars a year.

The alternatives that Catholic manages are Havier Parraguees of house ship, Edson Put's Queretaro and even Mauricino Pinilla are from the Argentine nationalized Bolivian DT's taste.

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