Did you change clubs to play Libertadores? They say that Barrio is one step away from reaching hurricane | Soccer


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Archive | Pablo Ovalal | UNO Agency

After the controversial departure Lucas Barros from ColosseumLittle and nothing was known about Argentine-Paraguayan striker.

However, Argentina has received news from the & # 39; Panther & # 39;. Those ahead would be talking to them Club Atlético Huracán From Argentina, to join and play these Libertadores Cup 2019 next to the & # 39; Globe & # 39 ;.

This is confirmed by the thick sports media, where they claim that the new technicians Antonio Mohamed, He had already contacted Lucas Barrio. Recall that Mohamed arrived at the Argentine club after his event at the Spanish Celta de Vigo, where he was fired.

But the coach started its fourth cycle in the & # 39; Globe & # 39; Thinking Great: He said they had to phase out Libertador where they divide the group B with Cruziro, Emelek, and Deepila Lara.

According to the Trans-Andean environment, the only obstacle to the arrival of Barrios would be the economic issue, but they say there is something that should be solved.

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