Devolver Digital announces the date and time of your conference in E3 2019


The company has attracted attention for its fun and unwanted presentations.

Devolver Digital has announced its social networking press conference on E3 2019 on Sunday, June 9 at 9:00 PM in Mexico City / 10:00 PM in Santiago, Chile.

As you can see below, in the ad, there is a gorge on the film Robocop by Paul Verheeven with one of his most remembered scenes, which includes one of the Highlights of last year's conference.

The company agrees that they will be able to follow the live broadcast of the event through their official channel on Twitch, and also invite people to join their discord room to meet potential leaks, rumors and speculations about their presentation.

A new IP or sequel to existing games?

At this moment there is no information about which digital devolver can present at your conference, but that is sure they will give us a new dose of their inroads and fun style that gives them a unique stamp.

So E3 2019 is taking shape now that it is about a month before it starts, since the event will take place from June 11-13 and the conferences will start a few days earlier.

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