December 6 Mobile service will start on mobile phones> Cuba> Granma

The Executive Director of the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), Mayra Arevich, announced that starting at 8:00 on the morning of December 6, the mobile Internet service will begin to be implemented throughout the country through the connection.

The process will have special characteristics in its commercialization and will focus on those users whose phones support 3G technology, declares Tanya Velasquez Rodriguez, vice president of business strategy and technology.

"As conditions are fulfilled, customers must have a terminal that supports 3G at a frequency of 900 MHz and have made prior use of the data connection by any of the modules before November 26," he added.

Subscribers already recognized by the network with the characteristics can obtain the package of their preferences without having to go to a business office, dialing * 133 #, from the phone itself and following the menu options, with a discount of the main service account mobile.

Clients will come in proportionately according to the numbering. Therefore, from day 6 begin with numbers 52 and 53; The 54 and the 55th of December 7th and the 56rd and 58th Day of December 8th, detailed by the well-known RusriGuez.

In addition, they will have a personalized release on the day in which they will inform the start of the service that was announced and then a package or charge for consumption could be obtained.

The consumption rate will allow the use of the mobile data connection to a reasonable discount, in this case, the cost will be 0.10 CUC / MB for any access to the Internet and a differentiated rate will apply to the national sites of 0.02 View / mb (two cents).

On the other hand, four packages with a validity of 30 days will be established and will include an additional 300-mile bonus for national content.

The packages are 600MB at a price of 7 look; 1GB to 10 CUC; 2.5 Gb at 20 CUC and finally 4 GB at 30 CUC.

However, to the previously-acquired packages and resources, the resources will be added and all will assume the new validity, of 30 days from the first connection immediately after purchase.

The Naughty Letter Bag is also maintained with an improved 50 Mb for 1 view, adding Velasquez Ringiguez.

In the first days of operation of this service, incidents can be experienced in certain areas or areas. In this sense, ETECSA is grateful to the clients that, if any inconvenience arose, they will inform the Company through the institutional channels.

Users can control if their phone is compatible with accessing the configuration options and in mobile networks looking for the WCDMA option, which can also appear as UMTS.

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