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The president is preparing the case for the case because of the death of the 16-year-old student of the Nidos de Vigilas school, Katy winter. By order of the main prosecutor of ñ uña and provannsia, Alvaro Peez Galleguillos, a series of expert reports are carried out.

However, the examinations carried out in the context of this investigation would reveal the existence of the only crime that could have been criminally prosecuted, which corresponds to Help to suicideAccording to La Terera.

The young woman who took suicide in a cafeteria in provancia was the victim of cyberbullying by other students and also by blackmail, so she wouldn't end up having a relationship, as well as friends and schoolmates.

Among the works carried out are the skills of the cafeteria cameras where winter has been discovered and the girl's mobile phone and computer recharge. The elements of the article were sent to nearby foreigners during the early morning of May 22, in which he said it was wrong.

Prosecutor Pérez Galleguillos will have to talk to winter's parents: EVERYWHERE Zamorano and Emmanuel Pacheko, To inform them that the investigation will be closed, because there are no grounds on which they can assign responsibilities to the death of the young woman.

Competition of Justice

However, it is not possible to complete this case. In conversation with the media, they pointed out that they would seek to perform New prose Because they point to the existence of an eventuality Abstracting to Research.

According to Pacheko, the investigation involved in the investigation. However, he explains, "This is the research of the school that draws attention to the number of students that attend school in their research, which their parents are minor, declare that They can't participate in the consultations ".

"The research that the school is complete Mediocre and uncomplicated Because it does not incorporate the many testimonies of those involved. So many of the unknowns are in the heads of the guys who haven't actively participated, or their families, "he said.

He added that "the vast majority of students involved in what happens to my daughter, their families, did not allow them to attend even the school's research, so we are seeing how this might be a disguise to the investigation. In that we will be able to move on. Many are attending college, but their families have kept them from participating in the investigation. "

For this reason, they are requesting that the Investigative Police challenge the miners to give their testimony. "By no explanation they don't let us know what happened to Kathy. We request the Prosecutor's Office," he found.

This article describes an ongoing judicial process

It is possible that these charges will be dismissed at the end of the investigation for that reason The defendant should not be successful as guilty Until the Justice dictates judgment against him.
(Article 04 of the Criminal Procedure Code)


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