Daniel Munoz heads the film of Alexis Sanchez's film


The actor presents details of the film, which began in the filming of November and also won Alvarez de Arja, Manuela Oarzvn and Olithe Castro.

Blue and white, princes of neighborhood, stories of soccer, the World Cup of 62. While acclaiming that kicking the ball is not your thing, there are some factories of football theme that has starred Daniel Munoz for film and television in the last 20 years. A list which will be expanded even in 2019 with his next film, again by the national director of Alejandro Fernández Almendras, with whom he has been filmed Sit in front of the fire (2011). And although it does not save praise when talking about the working method of the film maker Nothing happened here, His main motivation to join the new project was the possibility of sharing a set with one of the greatest sports heroes of Chile.

"To be honest, I was first attracted to the idea of ​​being next to Alexis Sánchez," says Muñoz, who will play a leading role in the film inspired – although not based on the life and career of Manchester United Striker, Started in the middle of last month under the testamentary title Alexis, the movie. An ambitious project in charge of Fábula (A Fantastic Woman, No), The successful audiovisual producer of the Brothers Pablo and Juan de Dias Larraín, with a script of Josefeña Fernandez (The forest of Karadima, the Cardinals archives), Whose purpose is to unite the epic biography of a mass gets with the fictional story of a Chilean boy with enough talent to follow in his footsteps on the yard. All this, with the participation of "Niıma Maravila" in the production and the look of the author and work formula of Fernandez Almendras, who in the film again brings together actors with people without formal experience in the field.

"I was motivated by the script, as the story is told and what happens in a very popular environment." In addition, I love working with children, "says monroe, who in the film plays hector, the father of the protagonist From the plot, Tito (LG, 11 years old). His character is that of an obsessive and demanding father who projects his unfulfilled dream of triumphing in football in his talented son.

"It is so protective that it suffocates, and it is transmitting its frustrations or its hopes for the child." "It's a father-son conflict," the actor adds about his role, an archetype that has to be some extent, and according to comments Production-produces a similar success to those of Luisito Ray, the father of Luis Miguel in the series Biography of Netflix.

The main character works as the film of the film, while still living in the real life of Alexis Sanchez, his childhood in Tokopilla and his subsequent sports success. "It tells the story of overcoming and offering Alexis, who has to do only his meeting with another child, who loves football but does not want to be a football player." In a certain way, Details monozs, which these days rehearces his role as Scrooge for the assembly of a Christmas party in the urban theater of Las Condes.

The confidence in the film in the film, to involve and advise the father and son of their own life story, recall the demons that the protagonist of Charles Dickens' novel. "It's a story with his morality, a contemporary baby," says the actor. "Alexis comes to be the conscience, the warning, the point of view and the attention we have in front of our children when the time comes to guide them and not to push them."

The rest of the film is composed of other actors with a career, some with roles linked to the history of Tito and others to the "OS 7". Thus, for example, Manuela Oarzvn and Ignazia Uriabe incarnate Adriana and Gloria, mother and sister of the protagonist, respectively. Iván Álvarez Araya (The replacement), How much will be a trainer of Catholic University; Otilio Castro and D.T. From Recoleta and Natalia, the teacher of Tito, while Aldo Parodi will play as a neighbor of the protagonist family and Eduardo Pacseco as a sports journalist.

On the other hand, the whole story of Sanchez will be told by blackbacks and filmed in the north of the country. There, Alejandro Trejo will play a coach from Tokopilla and Alejandra Yáñez to the mother of soccer player, to whom the minor MB. (12 years old), chose to release Barcelona's ex-leader as a kid.

Waiting for Alexis

After the announcement in November, three children, selected in a casting to star in the movie, denounced DS. 11, as the best childhood friend of Sanchez. The production was launched in Santiago in the middle of the month, coinciding with the days that the striker spent in Chile to play two families with the national team.

This is not a coincidence: According to Munez, the production plan is adapted to the time of Nino Maravila and its Spanish trips to Chile. "So far it is a complex to coordinate everything for a logistic issue, we are working with someone who has a very organized life, it was very difficult to have it, and that implies adapting," says the actor, The batter on the set and got a pleasant impression. "He speaks loudly and gives his opinion, especially when it comes to himself, the most difficult thing to do without being overreacted, but in the scenes that I had to share with him I saw it quite well. Listened attentively and from humility, he asked me for advice, "he adds.

While the days of Sanchez are in the country, having a muscle injury caused him to leave the rest of the Premier League time, production says that this time is not cited on the set. The premiere is expected for the beginning of 2019.

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