Cut light in the South: service is recovered 100%

A surplus of the supply affected the night of Wednesday to some communes from the south of the country. The Blackout extends from the city of Temuco, in the area of ​​La Araucanía, to the island of Chiloé, in the Los Lagos Region.

As reported by the Electric Coordinator – a free entity of the electric system of Chile – the full replacement of the service is started, while an investigation will be taken to determine the reasons.

The call, however, is to keep the minimum of electrical devices connected to the network.

Previously, the company Saesa (Sociedad Austral Electricidad Sociedad Anónima), In charge of the supply in the regions of La Araucania, Los Ríos and Los Lagos, said that it was due to "Incident registered in the central interconnected system".

This cut is added to that registered on the afternoon of the Wednesday in the Metropolitan Region and was due to the strong winds that were recorded and reached up to 30 kilometers per hour. Even until 9:00 PM, 17,000 clients remained unaffected.

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