Criticize activity in honor of 60 years of Cuban revolution invited by municipality of Valpara in Oo | National


Cast to the municipality of Valparaiso, but specifically to Mayor Jorge Sharp, said Senator Francisco Chahuan, after learning about the activity that will take place in the building on Monday to commemorate 60 years of the Cuban revolution.

The parliamentarian used his Twitter account to make his denial, describing the event as a "Full Incidence".

"Once again, Mayor sharp uses resources and dependencies from the municipality of Valparaiso, without consulting the Portuguese, for political activities, validating human rights violations in Cuba," said Chahuan, attached a picture of the invitation to the meeting.

"They are 60 years of dignity and solidarity that we want to commemorate with you," said the invitation made, among others, by the Embassy of Cuba and the House of Kuban Friendship Jose Marti de Valpara in O.

On the other hand, from the Buenosairean municipality they called the senator's clients, noting that "the site It was required by neighbors And local authorities. The municipality is open to those who want to use it. This is the case in our two years of local government, and that is how it will continue to be. "

In the same line, they state that the municipality met with representatives of more than 20 countries and states, representatives of Great business and social movements, And will continue to do so in the understanding that the collaboration of the cities with other countries and peoples will allow us to gain more importance to the inhabitants of Volpara in O. "

Of course, the response from the city hall of Buenos Aires is not consistent with that of Francisco Chahuán, since the invitation of the Valparaiso municipality, hand in hand with the aforementioned organizations.

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