Cote Lopez is very sensitive, because he misses his life abroad glamorous


Author: C. Z. / 4 January 2019

Returning to Chile a few months ago with her husband and children, Coté López immediately became the most sought after figure in television and events.

Yesterday she appeared in the Mucho Gustavo Morning Show, where she is nice, accessible, light and fresh. However, to the surprise of his 1.3 million followers on Instagram, the woman who returned to the country after 12 years abroad was extremely nervous.

He was excited when in the Mega program panel they asked him if he was used to it in Chile. She didn't answer. It costs a lot. She was moved to remember her home in Qatar and asked not to be weighed:

José Miguel Viñuela: "Has it been difficult to adapt to this very different Chile after 12 years?"

Coté López: "Look, when I arrived, I was dead. In fact, when they asked me," Are you happy in Chile ?, I practiced the smile, Ih, yes … & # 39; "

Viñuela: "Didn't you use it?"

Lopez: "In the beginning nothing"

Carol Dance: "What do you miss the most?"

Lopez: "I do not miss … I miss my privacy and that … I'm going to cry … Funny … Pucha, I do not know. It's that the crowd came to me with the children. It was a little more independence, so to speak, and it happened to me that when I left, everyone looked at me, I said, "Something's been ripped off?" I'm not getting used to. Looking at me, it was a very strange thing.

"I do not deny that there are things I like and entertain. I am entertaining the TV, I am always on the stage. Yes, I am very embarrassed to come to TV. I had a phobia of coming to TV.

Men's Constant: "You said that many times you have to avoid smiles when you were here"

Lopez: "I'm not endured. Now I like them"

Regularly: "And you got really excited. What does Penita give you? What provokes that emotion?"

Lopez: "The idea is to make me cry"

Regularly: "No, it's what I want to understand. I want to know why you are moving and your eyes are filling with tears."

Lopez: "I'm super sensitive really … I think I miss that, my privacy, my world, my circle closed. Now, don't make me cry!"

Regularly: "That means that tomorrow, effectively, are you going to force the idea of ​​leaving again?"

Lopez: "Yes. I think we're going"

Viñuela: "Do you feel much more out of the country?"

Lopez: "No. I'm myself.

"All in all, in general, when we just stop, Luis wanted to play in Chile. It's like his dream and that of every soccer player … he has to come and pay that debt. And I have no choice but To support him because he has increased everything I want. "I'm here for the video.

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