Copa Libertadores: Konmebol warned that Spanish legis sanctions chants and violent banners

The conmebol recalled on Wednesday to the spectators who went to the end of the Copa Libertadores at the "Santiago Bernabé" Stadium That the Spanish regulations prevent the entry and stay in football venues for those who perform Sing or lead banners that inspire violence, Among other measures.

Fans of River Plate and Boca JuniorsThose who have bought their tickets must comply with all the points that it incorporates The regulation of prevention of violence, racism and intolerance in Spanish sports, According to the statement of the highest authority of South American football.

It also noted that this regulation Prevent access to the stadium to all people who are subjected to prior sessions And consider the expulsion of the premises of those who participate in "Alerts, fights, fights or public disorders"

Also, the Hide from introducing weapons, projectiles, flares or firecrackers to the site that could cause an incident, Like bulky things, such as children's trolleys, suitcases or backpacks that can prevent the stadium's evacuation.

Can not be included with food or drink in containers exceeding 500 milliliters Of capacity or 500 grams of weight.

As usual in all the football stadiums of the Spanish First Division, Only non-alcoholic beverages will be allowed in and security guards will remove the plugs to prevent them from being used as throwing objects.

River rival fans will be on the north rock, Which will be accessed by the Tower of the stadium, while Those of Boca Juniors will be in the South Standard and will be incorporated by the A Tower, In accordance with the provisions of the Conmebol.

For its part, The reduced mobility spectators will have to show their entrance in doors 48 or 51.

Once the fans enter the "Bernabé" should be located in the city that marks your entry and hold it until the end of the meeting in case it requires one of the authorities.

About the press pass, The conmebol recalled that the entry of TV cameras or professional microphones was prohibited To all people who are not accredited by the organization.

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