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Conventional Public Accountant Leadership: Reducing Parliamentarians Unsuccessful or Improving Trust


The President of the Senate, Jaime Quintana (PPD), has criticized the opportunity to reduce the number of parliamentarians, including how unjustified issues about Congress work are.

In the framework of the public account made on Tuesday, Quintana noted that "It's easy to blame all the evils of democracy at the National Congress, but it is deeply unfair. There are many concerns that we need to improve, thinking that the crisis of trust is only in the area that serves a reductionism, which makes it impossible to move. & # 39;

Reducing the number of members is not a good way to overcome the problem or improve the levels of confidence in legislative power. In fact, countries with stronger democracies like ours have greater parliaments, with greater powers and a higher average of parliamentarians per capita than Chile, "he said.

Parliamentarian Made a call to review the salaries received by public officialsEmphasize that we must fight the responsibility of all officials of the State Administration, including Congress of Responsibility and Depth, maintaining the exclusivity of the function, and addressing the issues surrounding the structure and assembly of others. Entities in the judiciary and the executive themselves. "

On the way, Quintana responded to the announcement by President Sebastian Pianera this year's public account, where he confirmed that he would introduce a project to reduce the number of parliamentarians.

From the government, the internal minister, Andrew Chadwick, Noted that "We have discrepancy at this pointWe believe that reducing the number of parliamentarians allowed us to have a better parliamentary representation in Congress, and a more legally-enforced, more proactive, legislative procedure, makes it possible for the bills to be transformed into law. Through a good dialogue and good agreements faster, more timely. "

Advances and modernization

The President of the Senate has also emphasized that "when we enroll in Mesa, we have established two other companies: The modernization of the Senate and his connection with citizens (…) One of the first measures we have done just 20 days after accepting his office was the signing of a meeting with the Council for Transparency, which is in full disclosure. "

"To modernize legislative work, contribute to the environment and make significant savings on impressions, we launched the initiative" Paperless Commissions "a few weeks ago," he added.

He reminded him "We have delivered 158 projects, of which 75 are now laws (…) We have approved 57 draft agreements and we have done 22 special sessions to deal with issues of national concern. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll be numbering 23 over the top-of-the-line crisis experienced by Osorno city. "

Currently, the president of the lower house, Ivan Flores (DC) said we were conducting night legislative sessions; We reduce interventions and some debates; And we have decided to limit the special sessions and commissions to investigations, in order to be able to join and legislate and make better progress.

In the Chamber of Deputies, the total number of bills processed in the Chamber increased by 8%, 10% in total Chamber sessions and 424 commission sessions, representing an increase of 27%.

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