"Contract of 23 Million to Unemployment Without Programs": Cruise-Coke launches a bomb in the middle of the TV crisis


Deputy Luciano Cruz-Coke spoke on Radio Zero about the TV crisis that had been happening in recent days with the resignation of Francisco Orrego to the board and now with the dismissal of about 80 officials.

The parliamentarian of Evópoli focused his criticism on the poor Panorama of Belavista 0990 in Ricardo Solari, former president of the station board, accusing him of provoking "the assault's assets fell by a third, the debts All four years have increased by 900%. "

"France Orrego seems to be the situation of a terrible situation in France and Jaime de Aguirre, and in the great absence of this debate in my opinion, which is finally responsible for the financial meltdown of TB in recent four years. Ricardo Solari, who did not even attend the investigative commission, when he was invited repeatedly, and caused the loss of the channel to fall almost 1/3, the debts grew by 900% four years, "he said on the radio station.

In the same line, he assured that "there is not enough vision, the unions say it." Here are the contracts of 23 million pesos, which were treated with an animator who did not have programs. "

"There are some phases: the first is the programming phase.We can not continue to make the TV of the 90's and we think we are still in the same scheme thinking that the TV problem is only political," added that "The political face, which obviously has not been decided, and where some decided to support Jaime, and Jaime is partially responsible because he only comes to the end of 2016," he said.

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