Competition on the right with Borič's meeting with Palma Salamanca "Diario y Radio U Chile

Some people from Chile Vamos and La Derecha from the country showed at a meeting held by a member of the Autonomous Movement and a former member of the FPMR. "UDI went to the trailer to visit the dictator Pinochet in London when he was held for crimes against humanity," Boric said.

Sunday November 11, 2018 13:41 uri.


Critics of Chile's Vamos and other sectors of the country's rights published the La Tercera newspaper on Sunday in connection with a meeting among the first to be condemned with the murder of Jaime Guzman, Ricardo Palme Salamanca and the deputy of the Autonomist Movement, Gabriel Borič, in France.

Following this announcement, Boric traveled to Paris before the French Refugee Office and without citizenship, who gave him political asylum in Palma Salamanca to have a private meeting.

The UDI deputy leader, Javier Maca, said that "unfortunately left left the same way as left," adding that "Borić can not ethically be a legislator who is politically incapable of representing citizens and human unhappy because they have done a secret . "

The leader of the extreme right movement, Republican Action, Jose Antonio Kast, at the same time argued that Boric was "non-patriotic" and that "he deserves to give up according to what the Constitution provides".

UDI President Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe demanded sanctions against a deputy. "Palma Salamanca is a terrorist and a murderer, and it turns out that the deputy from the left is joining and maintaining a secret. This is unacceptable, it can not be that political representatives face criminals and nothing happens," he said.

Meanwhile, a lawyer from the Jaime Guzman family, Luis Hermosilla, rejected Gabriel Boric's claim that one of the reasons for granting political asylum to Palma Salamanca is some of the guarantees offered by the Chilean judicial system. epoch

Regarding Hermosillo, he claimed that the former champion had a fair trial. "Salamanca's palms had lawyers, visited two lawyers and had defense during the entire trial. He was in such prisons that they were not horrifying and allowed his escape, "he said.

In the meantime, MEP Tomás Hirsch criticized Gabriel Borich: "I do not see the drama that some defend, I do not think it is forbidden to meet anyone in any country. One thing is that Palma Salamanca has been convicted and that others will be able to met on a topic like the asylum application in France, I think that Deputy Boric is in all his rights, "he said.

Lastly, Gabriel Boric himself was referring to polemics in his social networks and responded to UDI deputy Juan Antonio Colom, "your entire party was in the trailer to visit dictator Pinochet to pay him an honor while being arrested in London because of crimes against humanity I destroyed the condemnation without any shades. Do not talk about double standards, "he said.

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