Comandante Martins witnessed as a witness in the case of arms sales to drug traffickers | National

Major Ricardo Martinez witnessed as a witness to prosecutors investigating the sale of military weapons to drug traffickers. Thanks to the information he gave, a statement was made to the head of the Army's National Intelligence Directorate, Guillermo Paiva.

Minutes before 10:00 in the morning, the South Prosecutor Metropolitan Raul Guzmán joined the Army's Bicentennial Building Tuesday, along with prosecutors Cristián Galdames and Claudio Orellana who are investigating the sale of private weapons by five noncommissioned officers or the gang-like institution. Of drug traffickers.

In the interior, the commander in chief of the army, General Ricardo Martinez, was waiting for them, which obviously showed the case at a meeting with officials, without knowing that it was recorded.

The dynasty for arms trafficking was referred to the military justice, but when knowing the facts, the public ministry opened an ex-official statement as it was a common crime.

On this occasion, General Martynes ​​demanded about two hours as a testimony, providing important backgrounds that led prosecutors to perform other procedures, as Guzmán recognized.

"(Ricardo Martínez) has provided all the collaboration with the investigation and together with the statement, other negotiations are outlined here in the dependencies, since their declaration arose against anti-Semitic attorneys at the request of the Public Prosecutor.

Sources consulted by Radio Bío Bío has confirmed that the team of prosecutors took advantage of a statement as a witness to the Army's intelligence chief, Brigadier General Guillermo Paiva.

"(Ricardo Martínez) provided all the collaboration with the investigation"

– Prosecutor Raul Guzmán

The Defense Minister, Albert Spina, predicted that the investigation would be successful thanks to the collaboration he ordered him to lead to General Martinez.

"We hope that it will be successful, I think it is very good that we are collaborating, that is what corresponds," assured the Secretary of State.

"It seems to me very well that the Commander of the Army, accompanied by this instruction, gave it, which is to give all the information, not to military justice, but to the Prosecutor's Office where the investigation was done," he said. .

Archive | UNO Agency
Archive | UNO Agency

On the other hand, the deputy Jorge Brito, president of the investigative committee of the Frods in the Army, is not as optimistic as the minister.

"Today no one can assure me that irregularities in the Army are isolated events, not even the Minister of Defense," he groaned.

"Because at the same time, weapons of war are lost, or uniformed personnel to provide weapons to drug gangs, we have a high command processed for 'sticking around the world with financial resources from the budget law, "Brito questioned.

Prosecutors spent nearly four hours within the biennial building developing procedures, during which the Army Sages asked the personnel for a longer period of time to deliver documents requested in the framework of this investigation.

It is not the first time that General Martinez has noticed before the Public Prosecutor's Office, due to the fact that October 25, the Prosecutor of EIS, Carlos Palma, interrogated him as a witness for the alleged fraud of the Association of Funds Army.

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