Colombia "Forget" Rinaldo Ruda and let him alone continue to work in La Roja

Reinado Roja Came to Chile At the beginning of 2018 and has a contract with the national team Until the end of Classifications for Qatar 2022, Renewable automatically if the red berths a quota for the planetary appointment. However, after a turbulent year, many voices asked the Conditionist of the Colombian.

The elimination of the ANF is a stand of resolve, but with the triumph of Sebastián Moreno, That Hypothesis is going to the trash can, because the former president of Cobresal has a priority to keep Rey in office, because his mandate is the "conditional" Arturo Salah

From outside our borders they also made noise with the name of Ruja, more precisely in their native land, because many will return it after the departure of José Néstor Pékerman Of which are selected. Moreover, it was the number 1 letter of the Colombian Football Federation, but over time that the position was fading.

As he found out The Chile Chart In contact with coffee sources, Caleño told them from the front "He is not interested in returning to Colombia", Because he intends to fulfill his contract with the end, where he feels very comfortable and aims to achieve the objectives of finding the replacement for the native box and putting it into the next World Cup.

Wheel Rudea attended the Gala Al Grigoko-ONFP / Silvio Garcia

Roja was clear in exposing his interests to the Colombian organism, but there are still leaders who insist that he be the coach, as the vice president of the Colombian entity, Ávvaro González, Who insists on the name of the former National Athletic, because he wants a local coach in the position.

For now, Reinaldo Rueda is preparing to travel to Brazil to give a series of talks, as a FIFA instructor. Then he will be heading to Columbia to spend the end of this year with his family, and then return to Chile to begin the planned 2019 Plan, with the Copa America from Brazil as the main focus.

A champion to Colombia

With Romania's discussion, for his commitment to Chile, in Colombia, they still look at options to take on the National Bank's bank, where the Brazilian slain Felipi Scolari has sounded for the last few hours.

The coach, which has champion of the Brasileirao to Palmeiras, is really thinking of going to the country of coffee, since Bogota has already made a formal proposal that has to be analyzed by his close circle.

Felipao for Ray, the swing that sounds powerful in Colombia.

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