Clienta gives a beating to a McDonald's manager: They did not give you enough ketchup | Society


A 24-year-old woman hit the manager of a MacDonald's in California because … He did not give him enough ketchup.

Police in Santa Ana, 50 km south of Los Angeles, reported Wednesday that Mayra Berenice Gologo She was arrested for presentation at the Palace on Thursday.

Anthony Bertagna, Santa Ana police spokesman told AFP that Galo exploded after making a purchase of the auto-mac and "did not get his ketchup".

"He got through the staff door and confronted the manager, who said he had to leave 'It started beating.'"

The police disclosed images of Gallo hitting and strangling the manager inside the kitchen of MacDonald's.

Other employees try to divide them, but only the man accompanying Gelo gets it.

Police arrested her on Tuesday after police received information about her whereabouts and was charged with assault.

Bertangna said that this type of incident is becoming more frequent.

"We see more and more, I do not know what," He noted. "In a 7-Eleven [tienda de conveniencia] A man tried to buy some chocolates and when his card did not pass, he was basically destroying the store. "

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