Científicos chinos aseguran have creado bebés manipulados genéticamente


The investigators use the CRISPR / Cas9 technique to protect their infected people as HIV, the virus or the virus.

The Chinesi Asian chinese have created the first ever genetic modifications, segmented by the MIT Technology Review, and the Shenzhen Universities in the workplace are the constancies of this study.

The investigators utilize the CRISPR / Cas9 technique to protect their infected people as HIV, the virus or virus, and the various diffe- rent data is based on the specific response.

Aunque MIT realta que el trabajo no te publicado en ninguna revista científica, el investigador al frente, He Jiankui, te conocer en un publicação vídeo en YouTube de la proclamación de fertilización que siguió hasta lograr el nacimiento este mes las las gemelas , Lulu y Nana, genetic modifications.

"The results indicate that the operation is correct, as it is," Asegura He in the video, in which there are those who have changed their genes to prevent HIV infection.

He, the genetic modification, has the purpose of eliminating genetic infarction, which is "the nature of the natural ability to resist a potential future infection to HIV".

For the purposes of CCR5, the investigators have deactivated that, in the case of a procedure, a major measure of DNA, he said, was the one with the "more difficult to find out about the investigation".

The design of this plan, which uses technology in the United States and Europe, under generic controversy, is based on a new genetic formula that eliminated genetics, other forms of eugenia.

The universe is the constancy of the study of He and the authoritarian sanatoriums of Shenzhen, "the recipient of the sole responsibility" to read the cabinet, informs China Daily.

The rotary chino used that the estuary "had a lot of controversy" among the academies and the countries of the country "because of their ethics and their own".

"The genetic engineering genetics is the magic of human beings and human beings", according to the period Wu Zunyou's culmination, for "unscrupulous" to investigate this type of human being.

In 2016, a group of cientifical chinos convinced people to use pioneers and use them in human beings, as well as with people with pulmonary detection, CRISPR genetic modification technology, as well as information about the nature of nature.

Sin embargo, científicos en el Reino Unido descubirón que tecnology of genetic engineering CRISPR can cause much more to the cell of what the crea- ture has to say, the publication of a public awards is a matter of fact.

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